Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Is Student Lobbying Expoitation?

I did not say they were being "exploited"; however, now that you mention it, that's probably an accurate word.

The school district, with the above Mr Ferguson's full support, steals my money, and gives it primarily to teachers who have a vested interest in perpetuating the system. The students are thus trained not to question whether the theft-based system should exist or not, they are instead trained to assume the theft-based system must be continued, the only question is how much privately-owned wealth must be stolen -- and of course, they are trained to always believe that more is always better.

The school district, which has *never* asked students to thoroughly explore the question of whether it is moral to allow government schools to continue to exist; much less whether it is moral for it to exist with stolen money, then encourages those same students who it has not taught to question the prevailing wisdom, to then become lobbyists for "more, more, more".

So you have a massive bureaucracy that both fails to teach students to actively question what they've been given, but on the other hand successfully teaches them to refuse to question it -- yet at the same time, in so many other areas of their lives, school system employees treat students like babies and violate their agency.

In essence, educrats regard students as incompetent to make decisions about their own lives -- smoking, drugs, profanity, sex, speech, academic performance, the list goes on -- and yet, when the educracy wants more money, they push those same students to lobby adults when the truth is those students have no idea what they are lobbying for actually costs others.

That is an exploitive relationship: Using someone you have purposefully withheld information from, to speak for you.

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Speaking for NOTA

Sometimes it's not easy speaking up for NOTA at a Libertarian meeting.

Personally, I like injecting a bit of humor into a meeting, because the theatrics caucus that tries to make everyone angry and hurls insults and invective at undeserving other activists can make those meetings into a decidedly inhospitable place.

At this year's LP of Colorado state convention, I felt somewhat uninspired to speak for NOTA as I traditionally do.

At the same event in 2018, one participant made it a point to mumble under his breath at me that it was a waste of everyone's time for anyone to speak for NOTA.

Added to that taunt, there was a lot of low-IQ nastiness that had been the rule for several weeks prior to this event.  It was really so disheartening to see Libertarians chiding their own so viciously.  The convention this year was a bitter disappointment for many reasons, and the hostility in the air was palpable.

Several members did ask me to speak for NOTA -- which helped me break out of my funk.  So, once we finally got to our elections, I started writing a few NOTA points for each race.

Here they are:


- Nobody will invoke the purity test.
- We don't need no stinkin' meetings to run anyway.

Vice Chair

- Nobody will bother running meetings in the Chair's absence.
- Nobody is the only real Libertarian.
- Nobody will be there to vote.


- Nobody will cook our books so we don't get thrown in jail.
- Nobody will be able to tell us how much money we have for our projects.


- Who needs notes, anyway?
- Why do we need to have records of things that happened last week?


- Nobody will speak to the press -- and we don't want them to know what we're up to, anyway.


- We don't need no stinkin' members anyway.
- NOTA takes exception to the previous accusation about nobody, because until now NOTA has taken any position at all.


- We want to keep Libertarianism to ourselves.
- Nobody will grow the LP.
- Nobody will bother outgoing Outreach Director Kevin Gulbranson in response to his offer to coach or mentor the new Director.

Affiliate Development Director

- Nobody will visit local affiliates.

Campaigns Director

- We don't need any candidates.  We're just a debating society.
- Nobody will run for office.
- NOTA will leave politics to those other guys who want to run your life.  And isn't that what we all really want?


Anyway, feel free to use them at your own state convention or other meetings.

If nothing else, providing a few moments' humorous diversion about voting for None of the Above at least reminds Libertarians that they can vote against all candidates in any internal Party election, if they don't like any of the candidates.

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Friday, May 03, 2019

The Noob and The Quest

Back in 2014, I ran the Virginia Libertarian Party's Facebook page. Over the preceding four or five years, I and a few other activists -- but mostly me) had built up the page following by putting up regular articles with consistent Libertarian "abolitionist" messages.

At one point, someone new came along and promptly got herself appointed to the Communications Committee, and began complaining immediately about how the page was turning away potential Libertarians because of that abolitionist message.

Without irony, too -- why it was increasing steadily in likes, then, I guess is a mystery.
From her newly-won position on the Committee, she immediately set about trying to freeze me out of the management of the page; hurling invective pretty much non-stop as soon as she scratched her way into leadership.
Upon her ascension to leadership in the Virginia LP, she also sought and won appointment to the national LP's Platform Committee as an LNC appointee in 2015.

So in the space of just a few months, she went from being some entirely new to someone who would influence the message of both the national and state party.  Never mind ideology, as long as the pitiably desperate "Please Like Me!" caucus within the LP thinks you'll be useful as far as making the LP look harmless, you too can jump right in to making decisions over those who genuinely know what Libertarianism is about.

But back to the immediate issue.

Right before she joined us, the state Party was 4th in terms of membership compared to the other 50 states.

Well, as most of my friends know, I left LPVA behind as of November 2016.

Two years later, the state Party I worked to build for many years has fallen by ~75 members and to 7th place nationally.

Even more irony: the person who had invited her to attend her first meeting of our governing board and introduced her to everyone...

Was me.

Which just goes to show that sometimes, the person you personally welcomed into the family will turn into one who merely contributes to the family's stagnation.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

A Libertarian Response to The Fat-State Address by Jared Polis, 2019

In his first "state of the state" address, new Colorado governor Jared Polis proved something: Namely, he is just another in a long line of tax-spend-regulate-subsidize-suppress-penalize political hacks who think they have any moral right to govern the affairs of private individuals.

Libertarians in Colorado listened, where we could stay awake, to Polis' comments with same understanding we have had with every other new governor:
  • Taxes will go up
  • Spending will fatten
  • Regulations will suppress more and more entrepreneurs
  • More individual rights will be trampled upon
  • Transparency will fade further
  • More citizens will be killed by police enforcing ever more new laws
  • The war on the recreational choices of individuals will rage on and expand
  • Health care will be further taken over by the state
  • Bureaucrats will expand their drive to choose economic winners and losers
  • Colorado will continue to become the exclusive playground of the upper classes
In short, Polis will do all of the same things that every other governor has done.

Some Libertarian reactions to Polis' fat-state policy desires:


POLIS: "Our economy is strong. From agriculture and outdoor recreation to aerospace, bioscience, energy, and cannabis, we've watched industries succeed and create jobs."

LIBERTARIANS: Meanwhile, the political class, including Polis, have endeavored mightily to destroy and marginalize industries they don't like, ruining the jobs those sectors supported.

Libertarians call for a free, unfettered market economy and elimination of regulations that stifle growth and eliminate hobs.


POLIS: "We've become a model for how we can put politics aside and work together."

LIBERTARIANS: That's what everyone is afraid of.  Thinking individuals know that whenever politicians agree with one another, your right, liberties, and property are at risk.  Gridlock preserves liberty to some degree.

The only reason that statesmen should put aside differences and work together is to repeal and eliminate the Byzantine layers of law and bureaucracy in Colorado.  The state code could be halved, and no one would die and everyone would benefit.


POLIS: "Despite all of our progress, far too many people are either barely getting by, or falling behind."

LIBERTARIANS: Well, when you increase the tax and regulatory load on taxpayers, some of them break and can no longer keep up.

The cure for that is to eliminate the load on the taxpayer by eliminating taxes.


POLIS: Seeks local government takeover of broadband internet.

LIBERTARIANS: Competing with the private sector is never a good idea.

And what happens when "communities" decide they can disconnect or deplatform individuals or groups who wish to freely exercise their right to freedom of speech or religion?

It's bad enough that private-sector entities sometimes refuse to allow uncensored speech (much of that so-called "private sector" censorship, by the way, is driven by government pressure).

It will be much worse if there is only the government monopoly provider and no other outlet for free speech.  And cost per user will skyrocket, same as with everything else bureaucrats take over.


POLIS: "We [must] address the inequities in our criminal justice system. That means tackling discriminatory practices that make people of color, individuals living with mental illness, and Coloradans experiencing poverty more likely to face incarceration. And it means working to make sure Coloradans who do serve prison or jail time are able to live a dignified and fulfilling life after they've paid their debt to society."

LIBERTARIANS: The biggest single issue looming over criminal justice is the number of nonviolent drug offenders who go through the system.

Libertarians suggest the one reform that would eliminate much of the injustice of our current syustem is to fully decriminalize all victimless crimes, including all recreational drugs, sex work, and gambling.  It's time to end our national experiment with the Progressive Era's national socialist legacy of Prohibition.  Prohibition has been a disaster, costly in both human lives and in expense.  It has decimated several generations of young men in minority communities -- which were revenue-farming targets for law enforcement for decades prior to Prohibition.

Private, consensual behavior is none of the government's business. 

Ending state prosecution of drug and other victimless offenses will eliminate the need for many drug warrior jobs, allowing government employed individuals currently fighting that utterly unwinnable war to seek productive work in the wealth-producing private sector.


POLIS: "[We will introduce] state-funded early childhood education."

LIBERTARIANS: Hasn't government done enough to our children?  In Colorado the average public school spends a little over $10,000 for each child already, and the results are sub-par.  Meanwhile, homeschoolers and private schools continue to outstrip their government indoctrination centers' results.  The real reason for the push to get kids into the government's indoctrination system earlier and earlier is... well, to increase the amount of time the state has to indoctrinate.

The same kind of bureaucrats who can't seem to deliver mail or keep violent criminals locked up should not be trusted around children.


LIBERTARIANS: Polis' budget package coming up on the 15th includes a formal request to provide paid parental leave for all state employees.

He also wants to force the private sector to establish a paid family and medical leave program.

So he's going to make it more expensive for the private sector to pay their own employees, and then he's going make sure they pay for his patronage of Colorado bureaucrats too.

Where does he think that money is going to come from?

Libertarians call for government to stop regulating everything in life.  Whether one's employer provides leave or not is a private matter that should be left to negotiation by employers and employees.

As for leave for government employees, it would cost a lot less if government employees simply left.


POLIS: Wants to lower "the outrageous cost of health care".

LIBERTARIANS: The only way to do that is to get the fickle fingers of bureaucrats completely out of the health care pie.  A good start would be to eliminate the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, end all government funding of or subsidies to the health care industry, and begin eliminating state licensure so that private certification can take over.Perhaps the most laughable of Polis' demands is his proposed "Office of Saving People Money on Health Care".

Maybe this will buck the trend of government agencies being created for a purpose but then having the exact opposite effect in reality (and growing to gargantuan proportions in the process), but that's probably a pipe dream.


POLIS: Wants to "address the appalling costs of prescription drugs", and cites the factoid that "Canada has the same drugs from the same manufacturing plants that we have here in the United States; but often at one-half, one-third, yes, even one-quarter of the cost."

LIBERTARIANS: And the reason for that is Canada's government lets those manufacturers sell their drugs there only at the prices the government sets -- edicts which do not take into account drug development costs.  So when Colorado and other states start buying drugs from Canada and elsewhere at regulated prices, and re-importing them here, expect the pipeline of new life-saving drugs to start drying up.

Polis is just like every other politician in that respect: They are too shallow and ignorant to look for the real reasons why things are the way they are.


POLIS: Wants "good-paying jobs in the clean-energy sector that can never be outsourced."

LIBERTARIANS: This is an example of politicians thinking they have any moral right, or the authority, to pick winners and losers.

What the green energy sector needs is for the government to get completely out of meddling in any kind of energy -- green or not.  Eliminate the subsidies, eliminate the penalties, and protect property rights, and the markets will gravitate towards clean energy just fine and without government help.
Perhaps the most ironic part of Polis' state of the state speech was his twin arguments for spending billions and writing impossible-to-comply-with regulations to mitigate climate change, and forcing a changeover to electric vehicles on the one hand, but then building more and bigger highways.

If Polis really wishes to reduce emissions, then he should be working towards eliminating land-use regulation by localities that force builders to spread out developments further and further away from city centers.  He should also be looking at privatizing infrastructure so that users pay the full cost of building and maintaining it.

In the meantime, one of the methods Polis and populist politicians like him use to "help" get electric vehicles into use is by penalizing the use of fossil fuels.  Libertarians suggest instead getting government out of the way: Don't subsidize or penalize **any** form of energy.

It is also ironic that Polis cited the all-solar coffee shop and windmill plant in his address.  Politicians like Polis, by making mining the minerals needed to build windmills, solar panels, and other tech either impossible or costly.  Which means that mining such minerals goes overseas, where slave and child labor is used and where environmental oversight is lax or nonexistent.

Polis says he wants to "help" businesses of all kinds start, grow, thrive, and create good-paying jobs.  Once again, this means he will attempt to pick economic winners and losers, when the only thing he needs to do is to get government out of the way by eliminating taxes, fees, licenses, permits, and regulations.  This is clearly not what he intends.  He wants to protect the "right" of communities:

"to have a voice when it comes to industrial activities within their borders. It's time for us to take meaningful action to address the conflicts between oil-and-gas drilling operations and the neighborhoods they impact, and to make sure that all of our communities have clean air and water."

"Communities" don't have rights.  Governments don't have rights.  Only individuals do, and only by protecting the right of individuals to do what they wish with their own honestly-acquired property will liberty be preserved.  If a company damages neighboring properties, the solution is to allow those damages to be addressed in court.


POLIS: Wants to "make our tax code more fair, so that we can reduce rates for Colorado families and small businesses. Our tax code gives too much power to the special interests who can afford expensive lobbyists, while forcing ordinary families to pay more. As legislators, I know that many of you find these tax giveaways offensive."

LIBERTARIANS:  Again, this is because previous iterations of Polis have tried to pick winners and losers using the tax code.  Rather than continuing to trifle with who gets the better deal at tax time, the Libertarian Party suggests making all taxpayers the winners by eliminating taxes for all and allowing the private sector to provide better services at lower cost -- and without the free rider problem.

Polis referred to alleged "tax breaks" for this or that group as "tax expenditures".  In other words he assumes every penny of your money actually belongs to government, and if the government deems you worthy of keeping some of it, that's "spending" by the government.  That is a disease just about every politician suffers from.  A name for it might be "Grabitis".

Libertarians think you and everyone else in the private sector own every penny you have earned, saved, and invested; while the leeches of government should not expect a penny.

So yes, Jared -- let's modify the tax code.

By eliminating it.


POLIS: "90 percent of the retailers in our state are small businesses. It's time to cap the vendor fee, which is a giveaway to the largest and most profitable retailers in the nation, and use the savings to lower rates, which will benefit small businesses and millions of working Coloradans."

LIBERTARIANS: Again, Polis wants to use the tax code to pick winners and losers.  But the only way to level the playing field is to abolish the vendor fee (tax) altogether.

POLIS: Wants to implement "true tax reform that reduces taxes for hardworking Coloradans instead of giving breaks to special interests while forcing families to pay more."

Families pay all taxes.  No corporation pays one cent of tax -- because taxes for corporations are just one more expense of doing business.  If you buy a loaf of bread one day for $1.00, and the next day a new $1.00 per loaf tax takes effect, that family will then have to pay $2.00 for the same loaf of bread.

Libertarians want an "economy where Coloradans from all walks of life don't just get by, but thrive," same as Polis said he wants.

But the difference between Polis and Libertarians is Polis wants you to believe he can wave his wand and do that by saddling Coloradans with higher taxes and more regulation; while Libertarians would eliminate barriers to producing wealth and improving one's lot in life.


POLIS: He says he "will work tirelessly to make our state work better for you - so that you can earn a good living and share in our special way of life. And I know that this Legislature will do the same, because every single one of us wants to see every single Coloradoan succeed. A Colorado for all."

LIBERTARIANS: What he doesn't say:
  • Except oil workers, whose industry is slowly being restricted into oblivion.
  • Except the poor, who are being displaced rapidly from their homes due to escalating real estate taxes.
  • Except gun owners, who are being threatened with confiscation.
  • Except for antique car hobbyists, who are being regulated and harassed out of working on their own cars.
  • Except for Republicans, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and other political minorities.
  • Except for the victims of police shootings and beatings.
  • Except for those who believe Freedom of Association is an inalienable right.
  • Except for those who say unpopular things.
  • Except for people in alternative relationships, like polyamory.
  • Except for singles.
Polis asked a few rhetorical questions.

Which, unfortunately for him, are easy to answer.

POLIS: "Will our ideas be good for Colorado?"

LIBERTARIANS: Nope.  His ideas will mean more job security for bureaucrats, and more looting from taxpayers.

POLIS: "Will they reduce health care costs?"

LIBERTARIANS: No.  Polis' "solution" for health-care costs are no different than any other worshiper of state meddling.  They will increase costs and make the health-care system even more difficult for patients to navigate.

POLIS: "Will they improve our schools and help our kids get a strong start?"

LIBERTARIANS: No.  Schools will continue to deteriorate and leave students further behind homeschoolers, private schools, and the rest of the world.

POLIS: "We all agree that every child deserves a great education, so let's start there."
LP: Excellent idea.  A terrific start would be to begin transitioning government indioctrination centers by selling them to parents.

POLIS: [Detailed a long laundry lists of things he wants to burp forth using other people's money.]

: Sigh.

In summary, Polis is just another in a long line of tax-spend-regulate-subsidize-suppress-penalize political hacks who think they have any moral right to govern the affairs of private individuals.

Libertarians suggest an alternative to politics-as-usual:

  • Get government out of the way.
  • Eliminate taxes.
  • Stop allowing localities within the state to violate individual rights; including property rights.
  • Slash spending.
  • Eliminate government jobs.
  • Abolish regulation.
  • Repeal all all unconstitutional regulation of freedom of speech, conscience, religion, expression, and Freedom of Association.
  • Privatize government functions.
  • Allow the private sector to work.
  • Leave people free to improve their own station in life, and don't penalize them for doing so.
  • Get government out of education.
  • Cease all regulation of private, consensual behavior.
  • Eliminate all state laws that compromise citizens' rights as protected by the Bill of Rights; particularly the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments.
And leave us the hell alone.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Your Choice Is Free Speech for All -- Or Free Speech for Tyrants

"Free Speech" is always a buzzword for the Left -- as long as it's useful for indoctrination, propagandizing and proselytization.

Once the Left gains power, free speech becomes a liability.

One generation is usually how long it lasts.

Once leftists have immersed enough gulag guards in their police state language of control, and have *become* the controllers, they forget about free speech and begin rolling the curtain down -- and the stage is set for another round of tyranny.

The National Socialists called for "free speech" in the twenties, until they took over in Germany and several other countries in the thirties and began lighting up gas ovens.

The Russian Socialists called for free speech in Russia and eastern Europe from the 1890's until they seized power in the teens and started shooting people in the backs of their heads.

And now, the Boomer socialists who were big into "free speech" in the sixties are now in control of many western governments -- and slowly but surely, the curtain is coming down once again.

Speech codes at taxpayer-supported schools and universities are a prime example.Facebook & Twitter consulting Leviathan's spooks in order to figure out who gets to talk and who doesn't, are another.


Libertarian Solution:

Abolish all unconstitutional regulation of freedom of speech, conscience, religion, and expression.

Abolish all unconstitutional regulation of Freedom of Association -- which is another form of freedom of speech.

And Abolish Leviathan.

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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Blue Wave?

What "Blue wave"?

I am no Trumpkin, but the Left needs to up its game.

Obama lost SIXTY-THREE House seats and SIX Senate seats in his first midterms in 2010.

Clinton lost FIFTY-FOUR House seats and NINE Senate seats in his first midterm in 1994.

And THEY had an adoring press.

[Bush actually bucked the long trend and gained 2 Senate seats and 8 House seats in 2002.]

Trump has been under unrelenting, vicious attacks by most of the press, yet he is going to GAIN at least 2 seats in the Senate and will lose only between thirty and forty seats in the House.

Y'all are in trouble. Because the 2020 elections just started today, and what you thought was going to be a rout, really wasn't.

In addition, you squandered your opportunity to work with Republicans to get a more balanced Supreme Court by your underhanded treatment of the Kavanaugh nomination.  Your handling of that nomination assured that you will be run over if there are any more vacancies -- two more may well be in the cards within the next year.

Playing the "If you aren't a leftist, you're a creepy racist woman-hating redneck ignorant nazi gun nut homophobic bigot" card is probably too yesterday to work anymore.

What might work better for the left is working on actually solving problems.

Like, repealing the Prohibitions on drugs, gambling, and prostitution that drag the poor and minorities into the justice system disproportionately, ending all the wars, and working towards accountability and transparency for government workers -- including the police, who inflict such a horrendous toll on minorities through policing for profit and revenue farming in general.

And fixing those absolutely corrupt, murderous, bankrupt, and broken Left-led major cities all over the United States.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Socialism's Trail of Tears: Stephen Rogerson on The Bolshevik Takeover of 1917

Socialism's Trail of Tears: Stephen Rogerson on The Bolshevik Takeover of 1917

Disclaimer: Rogerson describes the leftists as "Godless".  They are not.  They have simply traded traditional religion for their Religion of State.  They are "religious" in every sense of the word.

It's not just outright "communists" who are responsible for the carnage of the past century.  Anyone who builds state power to control others, drags a nation along the path to exactly what happened in Russia.

Stop asking The State to do things for you!


[Note: I cannot find this article online any longer, and would love to find the author again.  If anyone can point me to him or an original site for this article, I'd greatly appreciate it.]

The Bloody Bolshevik Revolutionary Century - 100 Year Anniversary
By Stephen Rogerson

The person who has been blamed for most of the deaths in the Soviet Union was Stalin, who succeeded Vladimir Lenin as the ruling dictator of the world’s first openly communist nation. There was a good reason that Christians in Russia referred to Lenin as the “Antichrist.” But as historian Robert Gellately asserts, “Stalin initiated very little that Lenin had not already introduced or previewed.” Robert Conquest, author of The Great Terror: A Reassessment, called Stalin’s murderous regime the logical successor to the one first established by Lenin.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, which fastened communism upon Russia, turning it into the Soviet Union. The results of this revolution have drenched the world in blood for the past century.

As the late University of Hawaii historian Rudolph Rummel once stated, “In practice, Marxism has meant bloody terrorism, deadly purges, lethal prison camps and murderous forced labor, fatal deportations, man-made famines, extrajudicial executions and fraudulent show trials, outright mass murder and genocide.” Citing the examples of tyrannical communist dictators such as Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao Tse-tung, Steven Rosefielde wrote in his book Red Holocaust that at least 60 million people were killed as a result of the implementation of communist regimes, charging they are “collectively guilty of holocaust-style felonious homicides.”

For one thing, Lenin died about seven years after the Bolshevik Revolution began, and he was in poor health for the last part of his reign. Stalin, on the other hand, ruled the USSR through terror for a generation. The exact number of deaths for which Stalin bears responsibility is unknown, but it is certainly in the millions — possibly as high as 60 million.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn — a former gulag prisoner, Russia historian, and author — told of a district party conference during Stalin’s dictatorship in which applause for Stalin went on for several minutes: “NKVD [forerunner of the KGB] men were standing in the hall applauding and watching to see who would quit [applauding] first!” After 11 minutes, “The director of the paper factory assumed a businesslike expression and sat down.… That same night the factory director was arrested.”

It was a typical day in Stalin’s Russia.

Once World War II began, the Russian communists murdered hundreds of thousands of eastern Europeans across countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, and others, eventually installing communist governments in power and blocking access to the West in what came to be known as the Iron Curtain. In the spring of 1940, the NKVD executed more than 20,000 Poles in the infamous Katyn Massacre after the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1939. At the time, the Soviets placed the blame on the Germans, but as Conquest wrote, “It is nowhere believed any longer that the Germans were responsible.” Soviet repression of Poland is estimated to have caused the deaths of 150,000 Polish citizens during World War II.

When Czech patriot Jan Masaryck attempted to prevent the Soviet takeover of his country, the official story was that he “fell” out of a building to his death. We now know that he was pushed by KGB agents.

And, of course, hundreds, perhaps thousands, were killed attempting to escape from communist East Berlin into non-communist Berlin. The Berlin Wall, constructed in 1961, came down in 1989. No one was ever seen trying to sneak into the communist side.

In addition to the Soviet Union’s own murders, its red rulers inspired a policy of murder by other communist dictators. As John Stormer put it in None Dare Call It Treason: 25 Years Later, “The terror has been repeated wherever the Communists are working to take power.”

In South Africa, “the Communist-controlled African National Congress liberation front used the ‘necklacing’ technique for terror,” Stormer wrote. “Blacks who were accused of cooperating” with the government would be seized, “a rubber tire filled with gasoline or other flammable liquid would be placed around their neck and set afire.” It took 20 to 30 minutes for the victim to die.

In Vietnam, communists arrested seven children for attending a religion class. A wooden chopstick was rammed into each ear. “He jammed it with full force,” Stormer noted. “The stick split the ear canal wide open and tore the ear drum. The shrieking of the children was heard all over the village.” This was to set an example that they were not to listen to “propaganda” promoting the religion of Jesus Christ.

The violence first used by the Bolsheviks was not an aberration of its ideology. Rather it is the norm. State terror is a method used, as a matter of course, to install communist regimes and keep them in power. If anyone can top Stalin in the sheer numbers of human beings murdered to advance the cause of communism, it was China’s Mao. Historian Frank Dikotter has estimated that the death toll under Mao was “at least 45 million.”

Perhaps the record in percentage numbers was the systematic mass murders ordered by Pol Pot and his communist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. It is estimated that the policies of Khmer Rouge led to the deaths of more than two million out of a population of only seven million.

In the face of this damning history comes Colin Kaepernick, who has led scores of National Football League players to “take a knee” during the playing of the National Anthem before NFL games. Kaepernick, who wears socks calling police officers pigs, has publicly praised the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Castro came to power in Cuba in 1959, and used the same communist technique of murdering and terrorizing the population to accept communist dictatorship. Rummel estimates that Castro’s death toll is somewhere between 35,000 and 141,000.

From the first communist dictator of the Soviet Union, murder was a common practice. Lenin said, “Terror is a form of military operation that may be usefully applied.”

It is impossible to determine exactly how many human beings were systematically murdered to advance the communist cause. But we can safely state it was the millions. Sadly, the bloody terror that began on November 7, 1917, is still not over. The Godless, evil ideology implemented by the Bolsheviks a century ago is still claiming fresh victims today.
[Steve Rogerson is the author of the above article.  Cited under Fair Use.]

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Truth Gives You Freedom

On November 6, 2018, the Libertarian Party's three highest-profile sitting officeholders all lost their bids for re-election.

Many in the Party bemoaned the result as a "disaster".

I see it differently, because these losses serve as a textbook lesson:

Given the odds against Libertarians in office (we are *usually* out-spent and out-volunteered by 1,000 or more to 1), Libertarian officeholders should stop pussyfooting around and instead be that lone troublemaker while in office.

Say those "scary", extremist things, like "Taxation is Theft, and I want to eliminate that theft by abolishing this ____ tax!!"

Say those "scary", extremist things, like "Prohibition is unconstitutional and immoral and I want to repeal all of it, including the prohibition on crack, heroin, gambling, and prostitution!"

Say those "scary", extremist things, like "Abolish the Police and let neighborhoods contract for the security provider that suits them!"
Say those "scary", extremist things, like "Abolish Public Schools!"

Say those "scary", extremist things, like "Abolish the Military!"

We've spent forty years twisting ourselves into knots trying to avoid offending our opponents.

It's long past time to offend the hell out of them.

Our opponents aren't going to vote for us anyway, and kowtowing to them keeps us from finding and recruiting the millions of people out there who are already basically libertarian but haven't put it together yet because they haven't heard anyone saying it in a way that is both consistent and inspires their own courage.

Libertarianism is OFFENSIVE to those who live at the expense of others.  Libertarianism is OFFENSIVE to those who wish to control others.

Full stop.  There is no way to make it inoffensive to them.

Yeah, maybe you won't get re-elected. But you didn't get re-elected this time either, did you?

The knowledge that victory is fleeting can sometimes be truly liberating.

Once we understand that our fellow libertarians can't see us when we keep our heads down, then we're ready to stand up and let them see us. Once they see us, they will be more likely to join and become members and supporters to help us in next year's elections.

The Libertarian Party has been banging around between 10,000 to 20,000 annual donors for the better part of its nearly five decades in existence.

That is because too many Libertarians think the way to find our friends is to seek out our enemies.

Let's change that model.

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