Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Your Choice Is Free Speech for All -- Or Free Speech for Tyrants

"Free Speech" is always a buzzword for the Left -- as long as it's useful for indoctrination, propagandizing and proselytization.

Once the Left gains power, free speech becomes a liability.

One generation is usually how long it lasts.

Once leftists have immersed enough gulag guards in their police state language of control, and have *become* the controllers, they forget about free speech and begin rolling the curtain down -- and the stage is set for another round of tyranny.

The National Socialists called for "free speech" in the twenties, until they took over in Germany and several other countries in the thirties and began lighting up gas ovens.

The Russian Socialists called for free speech in Russia and eastern Europe from the 1890's until they seized power in the teens and started shooting people in the backs of their heads.

And now, the Boomer socialists who were big into "free speech" in the sixties are now in control of many western governments -- and slowly but surely, the curtain is coming down once again.

Speech codes at taxpayer-supported schools and universities are a prime example.Facebook & Twitter consulting Leviathan's spooks in order to figure out who gets to talk and who doesn't, are another.


Libertarian Solution:

Abolish all unconstitutional regulation of freedom of speech, conscience, religion, and expression.

Abolish all unconstitutional regulation of Freedom of Association -- which is another form of freedom of speech.

And Abolish Leviathan.

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