Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Memory Lane: Carl Shumacher, Elkton VA

Sometimes a conversation brings up memories of old friends.  One good friend in my life was Carl Schumacher of Elkton, VA.

Carl was a LONG time Libertarian Party adherent.  He was "brought into the movement" because his publishing company (X-High Graphic Arts, Elkton, VA -- which still operates in the same building now) printed many of Murray Rothbard's treatises throughout the sixties and seventies.  He also printed Virginia Liberty for many years (1986-1993).

Carl's wife was Murray's sister.  ((!!))

While I worked at Libertarian Party Headquarters (1989-1993), Carl also printed several things for the national office, such as the 1987 & 1989 LP platforms.

We had them bulk printed, on newsprint.  They were cheap that way.  But they were also heavy.  Both times I had him print the platform, the bundles of platforms  filled my 1980 Ford Fiesta right to the brim, and the rear wheels were basically resting on the snubbers for the trip over the mountains back to DC.

Shumacher was elected to the Elkton Town Council as of July 1, 1978 and served until May 11, 1981.  His first meeting after being sworn in would have been the 7/5/1978 meeting, minutes of which are available here.  He resigned effective at the council meeting on May 11, 1981.  The minutes of that meeting are available here:

Carl and an old buddy of his (don't remember his buddy's name).  Between the two of them, they must have owned about 30 Studebakers.  Carl's company for years printed the Studebaker Drivers Club magazine.  It was one of the few club publications that really had magazine-quality work behind it. 

I attended a bunch of Stude meets with them in the early nineties.  About twenty miles into the very first trip, I realized I had to drive, because they couldn't wait to get to Pennsylvania before breaking into their "snakebite kit" (a box of about a dozen bottles of liquor).

Fortunately they let me do so without complaint, and for the next three years I was their designated driver to shows.  Man, but they could plow through some hooch.  One time Carl's buddy was so blotto by the time we got to the national meet that I had to fireman carry him into his room.  I could never fathom how those guys made it out & back on all of their previous trips.

Carl passed away many years ago, long after I left the employ of LPHQ.

Rest in peace, my friend.