Thursday, December 03, 2020

Articles Written During my 11/2020 Run For Mesa County Commission

In 2020, I agreed to serve as a paper candidate for the District 3 Seat on the Mesa County Commission. I did not campaign. For one thing, this was during one of those times in my life when things just weren't going my way, and if I was running at all I really didn't want that personal situation to get even worse because I was doing something I didn't really have to do.

But I did write a few things for the campaign. Had a miracle occurred and I got elected, these articles reflected where my officeholding activities would head.

My campaign Facebook page has been deleted; as has my campaign website.  These articles are here purely for archival purposes.

I am of course always willing to discuss any of these ideas. However, I don't normally look at the comments on this blog, so contact me directly with any questions.


Posted 2020-10-14:

County, city, and town budget cycles are now in full swing. Grab your wallet and hold on!

Even though Mesa County's population experienced many millions of dollars in lost wages, bankrupted businesses, and destroyed lives due to county bureaucrats forcing the economy to shut down, the bureaucrats are batting for a pay raise and the Mesa County Commission is planning to spend more money this year than last year.

It's business as usual. The government sector wants more, more, more of your wealth.


Here are the other localities within Mesa:




Grand Junction:

24% increase over the 2020 GJ budget -- driven primarily by a 2020 pay increase of ~ 3% for bureaucrats.


Town of Collbran -


Town of De Beque:

(out of date)


Town of Palisade -


Get involved.


Posted 2020-10-19:

Even Mesa County has various "gimme" expenditures that could be abolished.

All welfare of every kind should be eliminated.