Tuesday, November 17, 2020

C19 Lies, Damned Lies, and Police-State Psychobabble

Roy: YES. The "spike" is indeed OVER. I'm sorry you're not seeing it.

I'm answering your specific complaints here because the same "factoids" keep getting thrown at me as if half the population is reading from the same script. I'm just going to keep my thoughts here so I can phone in future discussions. It's not worth my time debating this with anyone who believes any or all of the following are justified in any way:

1) placing individuals under house arrest;

2) mandatory needles which will be followed by claims the vaccine(s) "saved us all";

3) bankrupting business owners;

4) raising suicide and alcohol/drug abuse rates;

5) putting people out of work and telling them they're "non-essential"

6) interfering with **ANY** right that is supposedly protected by the Bill of Rights, PARTICULARLY the right of peaceful assembly, religion, and speech;

7) being rabidly pro-police state on the covid response;

8) casting blame on Trump, "Republicans", or "Libertarians" for the progression of the virus;

9) thinking that Biden's approach will be better;

10) believing crashing the economy in order to ruin Trump's election chances wasn't the intent behind the Democrats' public policy response;

11) believing there is actually any Constitutional authority given to ANY president to "manage" health care policy at any level at any time...

12) idiotic mask mandates (which Biden has promised from a federal level at the beginning of his term, assuming he is certified) which are based on fraudulent and/or outdate data...

Sorry. This is a bunch of hyped-up horseshit.

I want to point out that almost all of the hysteria about covid is based on incredibly bad math.

Let's take just one state, for example. Michigan, since that detestable police-statist governor is threatening to kill people for running their businesses. Michigan's big month for Covid was April, just like Virginia and every other state. The October bump was relatively minor in comparison.

There are always freezers full of bodies in major metropolitan hospitals. New York is ALWAYS overloaded -- especially during flu seasons.
Before whining about "hospitals being overloaded", maybe there should be some thought given to WHY they are "overloaded": They're all in multiple, expensive-to-comply-with regulatory straightjackets -- set up by the same people now ruining society in the name of "flattening the curve to keep from overwhelming the hospitals". Just getting permits to build a new hospital often takes YEARS of wrangling with bureaucrats -- which costs providers many millions of dollars before a new hospital can even open its doors.

There's a word for this, and that word is "insanity".

The real solution for creating overflow hospital capacity is obvious: Remove the power of government to "permit" anything at all. No government should have the power to a) regulate property acquisition, b) safe demolition of old buildings, c) restrict any new construction, or d) regulate any business on that property that the owner sees fit to set up.

Of course, that solution is the only one no one can be bothered to implement.

About 1% of Americans die every year -- around 3,000,000. That figure varies year over year for various reasons. Here's an interesting chart showing the general trends in graph form. Here's another version.

I expect that number will gradually rise over time as more and more baby boomers start checking out in their 70s.

This analysis suggests there will be about 270,000 deaths this year in which Covid will be a factor.

Interestingly, the change in the overall death rate from all causes in 2020 so far has been lower than in previous years. The anomaly was so pronouced over the summer that scientists even named it. This article puts it in graph form, and it and the comments in response discuss how significant the changes in the death rate for 2020 may be once population changes are taken into consideration.

Medical errors

We all know medical errors causes a substantial portion of the million or so deaths every year. Remember the panic about "not enough ventilators!!"?

Well, it turned out that ventilators were way, waaaaayyyyy over-used and their over-use and -- more importantly, their improper use by "medical professionals" may have caused many thousands of those "covid" deaths.

What about that?

Look at the change in treatment protocol between April and May during the peak of the first wave. Now the treatment protocol includes remdesivir and one or two other drugs, Vitamin D and Zinc supplements, and TURNING THE FUCKING PATIENT OVER so they can cough out the crap in their lungs with the help of gravity.

I'll give you medical errors. Those early treatment protocols were medical errors writ large.

What is happening with the seasonal flu numbers is statistically and scientifically IMPOSSIBLE. This weirdness is right there on the CDC website.

Question: Democrats, leftists, libertarians, and such all used to claim to be in favor of "Right to Try" laws that allowed people to try off-label treatments under the supervision of their doctor. But as soon as hydroxychloroquine became an idea that some people -- mostly on the right -- wanted to try, those same individuals became decidedly statist and prohibitionist. What in hell is that about?

Question: Why has flu practically disappeared, anyway?

Question: Why would anyone with a basic knowledge of math and access to US demographics take the fact that more women than men have died from covid as some sort of indictment against health care... and then assume it's the result of either a) having a virus that unnaturally targets females or b) having a health care system that doesn't care about women?


1) The life expectancy of women is ~ 5 years longer than men ("For males, life expectancy changed from 76.1 in 2017 to 76.2 in 2018 — an increase of 0.1 year. For females, life expectancy increased 0.1 year from 81.1 years in 2017 to 81.2 in 2018."). Which means, over time, there are going to be more women than men left alive into their late seventies, eighties, and beyond.

2) Covid attacks the elderly. More women than men are elderly. Ergo, there are more women still around who are at risk of catching covid and dying.

Now with all due respect, if you genuinely want a conversation, then discard the script and please read through every last one of the links above. Read them thoroughly, and consider what they present before you respond. At this point I am unlikely to respond further, but if you want a conversation, until you have some doubts about what the medical-political-industrial-complex has been telling you, then you're not thinking enough, as the song goes.

I've been positively bombarded by the mainstream narrative. I understand it. I've read their position, and understood their position. I acknowledge certain facts about this and other virii. I acknowledge the danger it poses, esepcially to the elderly.

But I disagree entirely with the solutions that are presented as part of the "new police state normal"; I disagree with the government policy response, and yes I damned well do believe that the policy response was entirely a political weapon used by an entire class of people (The Cathedral, TDSers, all other Trump haters, the Left in general, Democrats, political elitists, etc) against another class of people (Republicans, Trump and supporters, business owners, Libertarians, blue-collar workers, southerners, suburbanites, exurbanites, etc).

I am an unwilling participant in this "new normal" police state. My "compliance" is forced.

The political class and The Cathedral are lying. They always lie. They have always lied in the past. They will never stop lying.