Thursday, May 05, 2016

Getting up to Speed as a New Libertarian in Virginia

Welcome to the Libertarian Party!

Whether you're new to Virginia or new to voting, we would love to help you get 'tuned in' to Virginia Libertarian politics!

Would you like more information to be sent to you about the Libertarian Party?  Just fill out or "Inquiry Form", and we will send you sample copies of our newsletter and get you connected with the local chapter representatives nearest you.

Do you need to register to vote in Virginia?  You can register online directly with the State Board of Elections.  Need to check your registration status?  That can also be done online, directly with the State Board of Elections.

Are you interested in registering as a Libertarian?  No need in Virginia -- we do not have partisan registration for any party.

Would you like to help out with the drive to get the Libertarian Presidential candidate on the Virginia ballot?  Then check out our "Petitioning Instructions" page.  You will find downloadable petition forms and other ballot-drive resources and information.

Are you interested in getting more involved with the state or local Libertarian Party?  Then fill out the "Volunteer" form and we will do our best to get you connected.

Ever thought about running for office as a Libertarian?  Then fill out our "Candidate" form and let us know.

Ready to support the LP and call yourself a "card-carrying member"?  You can join both the national and state parties with one visit to our "Membership" webpage.

There's lots more to be done.  Some ideas are listed on our "Take Action" page.

If you have special skills that you'd like to put to work for liberty, then please let us know!

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