Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Is Student Lobbying Expoitation?

I did not say they were being "exploited"; however, now that you mention it, that's probably an accurate word.

The school district, with the above Mr Ferguson's full support, steals my money, and gives it primarily to teachers who have a vested interest in perpetuating the system. The students are thus trained not to question whether the theft-based system should exist or not, they are instead trained to assume the theft-based system must be continued, the only question is how much privately-owned wealth must be stolen -- and of course, they are trained to always believe that more is always better.

The school district, which has *never* asked students to thoroughly explore the question of whether it is moral to allow government schools to continue to exist; much less whether it is moral for it to exist with stolen money, then encourages those same students who it has not taught to question the prevailing wisdom, to then become lobbyists for "more, more, more".

So you have a massive bureaucracy that both fails to teach students to actively question what they've been given, but on the other hand successfully teaches them to refuse to question it -- yet at the same time, in so many other areas of their lives, school system employees treat students like babies and violate their agency.

In essence, educrats regard students as incompetent to make decisions about their own lives -- smoking, drugs, profanity, sex, speech, academic performance, the list goes on -- and yet, when the educracy wants more money, they push those same students to lobby adults when the truth is those students have no idea what they are lobbying for actually costs others.

That is an exploitive relationship: Using someone you have purposefully withheld information from, to speak for you.

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