Friday, May 03, 2019

The Noob and The Quest

Back in 2014, I ran the Virginia Libertarian Party's Facebook page. Over the preceding four or five years, I and a few other activists -- but mostly me) had built up the page following by putting up regular articles with consistent Libertarian "abolitionist" messages.

At one point, someone new came along and promptly got herself appointed to the Communications Committee, and began complaining immediately about how the page was turning away potential Libertarians because of that abolitionist message.

Without irony, too -- why it was increasing steadily in likes, then, I guess is a mystery.
From her newly-won position on the Committee, she immediately set about trying to freeze me out of the management of the page; hurling invective pretty much non-stop as soon as she scratched her way into leadership.
Upon her ascension to leadership in the Virginia LP, she also sought and won appointment to the national LP's Platform Committee as an LNC appointee in 2015.

So in the space of just a few months, she went from being some entirely new to someone who would influence the message of both the national and state party.  Never mind ideology, as long as the pitiably desperate "Please Like Me!" caucus within the LP thinks you'll be useful as far as making the LP look harmless, you too can jump right in to making decisions over those who genuinely know what Libertarianism is about.

But back to the immediate issue.

Right before she joined us, the state Party was 4th in terms of membership compared to the other 50 states.

Well, as most of my friends know, I left LPVA behind as of November 2016.

Two years later, the state Party I worked to build for many years has fallen by ~75 members and to 7th place nationally.

Even more irony: the person who had invited her to attend her first meeting of our governing board and introduced her to everyone...

Was me.

Which just goes to show that sometimes, the person you personally welcomed into the family will turn into one who merely contributes to the family's stagnation.

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